U R Building Knowledge

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U R Building Knowledge

U R Building Knowledge (URBK) is a not-for-profit that raises money to help build schools in Myanmar.

In 2005 on a trip to Myanmar, Gilly met the individual who is responsible for the building of schools.  It was a chance meeting over breakfast and she was inspired by his work.  A bright young girl in Yangoon highlighed the desire for education in the Burmese people. 

In May 2008 Cyclone Nargis hit which brought Sandra into the mix, due to her involvement for international disaster relief work. This spurred their connection and inspired them to contribute to the country through education.

Both founders of URBK have connections to Myanmar. Gilly's mother was born in Myanmar and Sandra's connection was through her disaster relief volunteer work. 

They decided to use their local contacts to help raise funds to build schools within the country. The vision of building schools was already being actively pursued by their friends within Myanmar and together Gilly and Sandra realized that they could be the link to obtain funds to build more schools.