Widows’ Gardens Project (Uganda)

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Widows’ Gardens Project (Uganda)

 The Widows’ Gardens Project (Uganda) is a ministry of the Living Hope Church in Courtenay, BC.

There are 360 widows registered in agricultural cooperatives located in two communities in southwestern Uganda: Kikagati and Kabuyanda. Without land, they labour in others’ fields for the evening meal. Many are raising children and orphaned grandchildren and literally live “from hand to mouth”.

They refuse to remarry in order to protect their children, who in their culture will usually not be accepted by a new husband.

The Project provides 3 plots of land to each widow during two planting seasons (1 year). This ought to be enough to feed their children and, by selling part of the harvest, allow them to renew the three leases in subsequent years. Perhaps, eventually, they will be able to purchase a plot.

October 2016 saw 91 widows interviewed and selected, and landowners paid for rental of their plots. The widows will take control of the land in February 2017. By February 2018, they will be in a position to renew the leases themselves, while the Project moves on to assist the next group of widows.  

Within 5 or 6 years, depending on the availability of funding, all 360 widows will have been given the opportunity to achieve food security for themselves and their dependents.

Living Hope Church is not charging any administration fee. The Volunteer Project Officer is paying his own airfare. This is a lean, focused, simple project. In the words of one of the leaders of the Ugandan widows, when asked if this Project is a good idea, (“…it’s shiny”).

Thank you for your support.